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Poweramp does not proceed to next album on Android Auto


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Recently on Android Auto (maybe with Coolwalk update or with recent update of Poweramp, I'm not really sure), when Poweramp reaches the last song of the album (and with that, the last song of the current song queue), the music just stops and does not proceed to the next album available.

When this happens, the last song of the album remains in the queue, and when I press play, the last song just plays again and then stops again.

Previously, when finishing the last song, Poweramp would continue to the next album available.

Has anyone ran into this issue? Is there maybe a setting I'm not aware of that controls this?


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AA playback follows the same settings and sequences as normal phone playback. Sounds like you have Repeat mode set to 'Repeat Off' (as shown below) rather than 'Advance Category'. This can be changed by tapping on the Repeat icon on the AA screen or the phone screen.


If you are actually talking specifically about Queue playback, rather than listening in Album mode (the temporary Queue can contain anything, not just albums, it's just a list of songs) then you might also want to check that the Queue is set to exit back to normal playback after completion. Otherwise it will remain stopped at the end of the Queue. See Settings=>Library=>Queue=>On Queue End, and set that option to 'Return to previous category'.


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