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Equalization stopped working for YouTube after update to Android 13


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I've been using the app for over a year with Android 12 on Asus Zenfone 8 and everything worked perfectly. Recently there was an update to Android 13 and it stopped working for the official YouTube app. I tried all of the things available in the options and no luck...

Any advice? I'm using the app to deal with my assymetric ear canals (balance) so it is kind of required for me to listen on headphones at all ..

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Generally equalizer works on Android 13 the same way it works on Android 12 (no any major issues like this). Still, after reboot and may be on first run after the update, there can be a noticeable delay (like minutes) before Android allows inter-app intent messaging. Basically this means player may play, but Equalizer won't see it as Android just don't send messages between apps during "optimization" step.

Also, YouTube (non-music) app requires Advanced Player Tracking option + appropriate permissions. Thanks!

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