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Adding to Playlists

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      I'm new to this forum, but have been a (paid) Poweramp user for years.
    I mostly use Poweramp lately to listen to downloaded Podcasts.

  On my old Phone, with an earlier version of PA, I could go into the Recently Added folder, select a Podcast and select "Add to Playlist".  Then either add it to an existing Playlist, or create a new one.  Simple and useful, I used this all the time.

   This feature is now gone!   Why ??  Could we please have this ability returned to PA?

    If this is not going to be restored, can I download earlier versions of Poweramp?   I did this once before on my old phone, disabled updates, and was very happy with the program - untll my phone died and I had to install the recent PA build on the new phone.   I would be much happier with the older and simpler player.

    IMHO, Poweramp has put so many "whistles and bells" in, trying to do everything for everybody, that it has become cumbersome and hard to use.  

Thank you...

Larry Davis

Geneva, IL

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That feature is very much still available. Long-press on any item (song, album, folder, etc) in any list. You can select multiple items at this point if you wish. Then simply tap '+Playlist' from the icons at the bottom of the screen and choose what playlists you'd like to add to, or create a new playlist if you wish. It's exactly as it's always been.


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OK, I tried this - long press in the Recently added list, or a music folder.. There is NO "Add to Playlist coming up".  Only:

At Start


Play Next



Info Tags

Album art

( This is Build 945, Unlocked version. )

So what am I missing here ?


Thank you..


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@Larry Davis you have at some point in the past modified the default '+Playlist' icon (which adds the new content to the end of lists) to instead add at the start (hence the revised wording). Long-press on the icon currently labelled "At start" if you want to change it back to the default operation.


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@Larry Davis you are not missing anything, just go further by clicking on at start, then your playlist will appear.

what (at start) means is that, the song will be inserted at the top of your chosen Playlist.

You can change this to shuffle (which will insert any added song(s) randomly) by also long-pressing on at start. 


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@maxmp When this feature was first added in build 934 last year, I was concerned (in this thread) that the new revised '+At Start' wording (replacing the word "Playlist" completely) might cause exactly this sort of confusion later, with people not realising that the new icon was still referring to adding to playlists.

At the time, I suggested the '+Playlist' icon might instead just have a small reminder modifier of an up-arrow for Insert at Start, a down-arrow for Add to End (the default), or a Shuffle symbol, thus:

image.png   image.png   image.png

The long-press pop-up menu probably ought to use similar wording to the Settings=>Library=>Playlists option too - ideally "Insert at Start | Add to End | Shuffled".

The same wording logic should probably be applied to the '>>Queue' button too, which has the same potential confusion.


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