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display Playlist/etc name on main player page

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Could a future update include a setting to toggle displaying the name of the current playlist/folder/artist etc on the now playing page? We already get to see the amount of tracks in said group such as "1/37" and can swipe up on the album art to go into the playlist, folder, artist or wherever we selected the track from... but if it's a large one, it also requires a long scroll up to see where we came from. 

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The current Artist is already displayed on the player screen, underneath the song Title.

The metadata line at the bottom of the screen can be tapped on to cycle through several options, once of which is the current folder. Although one of the options is to see the current Category type (e.g. Folders Hierarchy, Playlists, Genre Albums, Composer Albums) at present there is no option to view the currently playing Category name (such as the actual playlist name, the Genre title itself and the Album name, etc) in there, which I agree could be quite handy as an extra option.

There is also an existing Feature Request (not sure how far down the long-term to-do list it falls though) for the current Title and Artist-Album lines to be user-configurable via formatting strings provided in each song list's 'List Options' menu. So for example when listening to the Composer category you'd be able to set the upper line to something of your own like "%title% (%year%)" and the lower line to "%composer% - %albumartist%". I drafted a concept for this based on several request threads in:


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I like that the bottom line of text underneath the waveform can be toggled between lots of different information, and I know about going back to the specific artist, but it would be cool to see the name of what category we will be returned to when swiping up. When shuffle with categories is activated, and the next track is triggered, there's nowhere on the widget or main player to see what category we're actually in, like if we went from the "mellow" playlist to "party" playlist. And even when browsing that playlist, there's nowhere static to see the name of it either unless you're scrolled all the way to the top. just having the name of the current category displayed somewhere consistently would be really convenient for getting our bearings when browsing, especially when shuffle was used.

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Andrew, I like your idea for the user configurable lines. especially if clicking them acted as a link to send straight to that category. 


I would definitely have mindset as track title first followed by artist and then the category that the track was selected from, which ideally would be dynamic. it could say the playlist name if it was selected from a playlist, or the genre name if it was selected from genre, if it was selected from all songs etc.

It would be really useful information so we know what area the next track or shuffle is confined to.

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