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Very Basic Android Auto Questions


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Hi all. I am new to this so excuse my newbie questions. I am using pa on my android phone with a large resident library (~7000 tracks) and a new Alpine ilx507 head unit. Ive got it working (both through usb and wireless) but some things are a mystery to me.

1) How do I get the titles to scroll? They do on the phone, but not the head unit. I listen to classical music so this is a must.

2) How do I adjust the audio on the head unit. I think it is the speaker output. I want to turn off as much processing as possible. Native sample rates would be desirable. Everything seems to resample to 48k. Is that the best I can get? Some of my files are 96k. Most were 44k. The dac in the head unit can do 96. 

Number 1) is crucial. I mainly want to understand number 2). Also I hear slight staggering, but increasing the buffer size seemed to help.

Thank You

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I don't think the Android Auto interface offers scrolling text, it is a deliberately simplistic interface with no bells and whistles to distract the driver.

Audio transfer depends on the interface in use, but the audio is very often sent by Bluetooth even though the screen display content goes via USB. Certainly my Hyundai head-unit works that way, but it is a few years old now. I don't think there's a lot of control over how the signal is handled once it leaves the phone app, but you could try looking in the head-unit settings (probably very little) or the phone's AA app.


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