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Lyrics Search Bug By Custom URL


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Poweramp Build Number: build-949-uni 64 bit 

Device Model: Galaxy S10+

Android Version: 11

Custom ROM: Lineage OS for Microg ( Android 11)

Steps To Reproduce: 

1.) Play a song in Bookmarks or the Playlists category with preferred lyrics app being set to "Browser via custom URL" with the Custom URL set to your choice for example "https://www.startpage.com/search?q=lyrics %ARTIST% %TITLE%"

2.) Launch the lyrics screen by sliding up from the playing screen, hit open lyrics app, choose your browser of choice if you dont have one set as default, and it will search lyrics for a different song than the one playing either in the Bookmarks or Playlists category. All other categories work fine when searching via Custom URL.

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