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Poweramp Equalizer not working, despite player showing in "Known Players" and Advanced Player Tracking being enabled


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I have used the app before on many other phones without issue, however I am not able to get it working on my current device. I am using a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus with LineageOS 18.1 custom ROM based on Android 11.

I have installed the app and enabled the advanced player tracking switch, with both DUMP permission and notification listener permission granted. All of my audio player apps (Spotify, YouTube, etc) appear in the "Known Players" section with the switches enabled. When I play audio from these apps it shows "Time last seen: 0 minutes ago"

Despite this, there is no sound processed by Poweramp EQ. The name of the current player does not appear above the bass/treble knobs on the homescreen and there is no sound visualisation even though Poweramp EQ has permissions for full microphone access.

Can anyone figure out what could be causing this issue? I have attached some screenshots that I hope will be of assistance. The stock AudioFX equaliser that comes with Lineage has been switched off and disabled via ADB.






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Standard Spotify works even without advanced tracking as that app properly sends session id to equalize. Same for YouTube Music (not youtube video player).

I would suggest testing these apps.

If they don’t work too - something is broken/disabled on your system in regard of equalization. I would start with reenabling that audiofx package.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have attached another screenshot below showing some other apps I have tried. None of these apps are being processed by Poweramp EQ despite appearing in the "Known Players" list. I am able to use Poweramp with all of these apps on my other devices.

I have tried re-enabling the built-in AudioFX equaliser that comes with LineageOS. This equaliser works fine with all apps. However, Poweramp does not work no matter if AudioFX is enabled/disabled via ADB or simply switched on or off inside the app.

I have observed when I start playing audio from any app, for example Spotify, the Poweramp EQ icon appears in the statusbar for a few seconds before disappearing. It shows in the Known Players menu as "Last seen: 0 minutes ago" but then the timer will start counting upwards eg. "Last seen: 5 minutes ago" despite the music still playing with no interruptions.

Is there anything more I can do about this? I will be glad to try any further suggestions.


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@P650SE in your case apps detected properly, but equalizer engine can’t start. You can try to send a log from Settings / Get Support immediately after you try to play something in some recognized player. Please also PM me here or send log to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com so I can find it. Thanks!

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У меня на порте 12.5 Miui эквалайзер ведёт себя точно так же. Устройство MiMax2. Ставил другие порты - везде одинаково. Появляется значёкив строке состояния при запуске проигрывания и в конце. Обработки звука нету. Сам плеер PA работает отлично. Хочется и PAE  чтобы работал.

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@alex-tank thanks for bringing this thread up. Equalizer works with apps which allow equalization. You haven't specified what app you tried to equalize. Equalizer works fine on the official MIUIs.

@P650SE never received anything from you with the log to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com. Anyway if it's not working with Spotify (not lite, the original app), then system is missing some component related to the audio processing/equalizer.

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