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Features For Large Collections


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I am going to get a 32 GB memory card and dump my entire record collection to my phone (my stereo runs from my hard drive). That does need some special features:

* Hierarchical folder display which I know is on the TODO list.

* The ability to play all of the files in a folder, straight through in sorted order, and stop. In PC players, this is usually handled by creating a temporary play-list by a "Select All" button. Being able to tap on a folder or album to play it would be nice. This is really important and many PC media players do not handle it very well.

* At least one saved play-list with the ability to play it straight through or a random shuffle, independent of the folder layout. I can't tell if this feature already exists or not. I have had problems figuring out how the play-list feature works.

Thanks for the good work, especially the equalizer and support for the FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis codecs!


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