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Hi there.  I have a question and a comment for ratings in PA (I'm using unlocked full version, build 945, on S10+).  PA is the best music app on Android for sure and I really like it. I chose to use thumbs-up/down for rating tracks, but what happens if I switch to stars?  Will thumbs up be changed to 5 stars or what?

Also, I've noticed lately that many songs have lost their rating (thumbs-up) which is annoying since I rely on this a lot. Is this a known bug?  I don't see much on this, so wondering if it's common or not. I somehow feel it happens more with FLAC than mp3, and it happens repeatedly with some tracks. Is there a max number of thumbs-up that can be used for the library perhaps? I have about 2k thumbs-up out of about 20k tracks total. If this does not happen for star rating, then I want to switch but I'm wondering how it will be converted (hence the question above). 



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Internally, Thumbs Up is saved as a traditional 5-star rating, while Thumbs Down is saved as 1-star. That's how they will be displayed if you switch between modes.

You can rate your entire library if you like, but note that the ratings are stored in a database, not within the physical audio files. So if you move a folder or change a filename, the song will no longer be matchable with the rating (whch in just a link) you created for the song at the old location.


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