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square size to the header so the album art fits properly


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like the title says. just to have the option to make the header square size. it would be placed where the compact header option is


adding this option would help to see the artist/album image more properly and it would look way better.

all phones nowadays have large screens so having this option can help to leverage this space 'cause we cannot even reach that space with one hand.

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Do you mean as a smaller-height square thumbnail with the info text shown beside it, or a full-screen-width square image (rather like the player screen) with the info text superimposed?

The former option sounds like a nice idea to me, as personally I usually use the Compact header mode anyway, as just showing a large picture seems a waste of space that could be used for the actual content (i.e. list of songs or categories) that I wanted to see.


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i was thinking something like this (i tried to swipe down as much as i can so you can get the idea haha)



just like a "fast solution". personally i would be happy just with that.

14 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Do you mean as a smaller-height square thumbnail with the info text shown beside it

i think this is more difficult to implement (maybe?) so i came with the square header solution so it can be implemented faster.

but yeah, i think the ideal it's what you said, something like youtube music or spotify does, but anyway the artists images would be look like cut off (like right now on some cases) cause it would be the traditional header that we have now right?

in that case i think the square header fixes this two problems with one solution and easier to implement (i suppose)

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