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Two questions about lists: scaling and imported playlists

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Hey guys,

It occurred to me after switching to a new phone with the same display resolution that I may have wanted to upgrade the screen, so I could enjoy the extra real estate while scrolling through Poweramp lists. Would I indeed get the extra real estate by upgrading from 2400x1080 to say 3216x1440, or would it just scale to give me a similar picture?

Somewhat related: is there a way to avoid adding the "imported date" to titles of imported playlists? I was happy to see importing playlist was such a smooth process, but I do lament that none of my playlist titles now fit on screen in portrait mode (example attached).

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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Resolution-wise, just because you've got twice the number of pixels doesn't mean the text should be half the size, you'd never read anything. Same goes with 4K TVs versus regular HD sets, the image is not displayed at half the size. However it ought to look sharper.

Internal playlists imported using the Settings=>'Import Settings/Data' feature will contain the date of the playlist in order to differentiate them from any other backups, or even from the original versions if you import into an existing setup. You can manually edit the names once they've been imported though.

You can export playlists to permanent physical M3U8 files using the Export option in the Library=>Playlists menu, but while using them in a new setup will retain the original names, they will also show the filename extender (.M3U8) too.


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Thanks guys for the quick replies.

Also thank you for explaining the difference between the two importing methods, that will be very helpful going forward in order to avoid playlist titles containing multiple dates upon multiple imports. Definitely wanted to confirm that before renaming all playlists!

With regard to the resolution, doesn't it depend on how the software handles scaling? In foobar2000 for example, going from 1080p to 1440p on Windows means you're able to fit in more text in the columns, as long as you keep scaling at 100%.

I guess you're saying this strat wouldn't apply to Poweramp and it would be scaled to give the same but sharper image, but I figured I'd explain where I was coming from, just in case that would clear things up.

Thanks again and have a good one

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