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Lyric buttons acts differently in 948

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The lyrics button on the main screen/cover behaves differently than the three button menu -> lyrics.

  • Long tapping the three button menu -> lyrics button brings up the old lyrics interface with the SEARCH button
  • Long tapping the main screen/cover menu button acts the same way as a short tap and just open the lyrics page.

I where expecting a long tap to take me to the "OPEN EXTERNAL LYRICS" page.

EDIT: And the behavior is also dependent on if the file has embedded lyrics or not.

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@6b6561 right, it’s a different new button. The button inside menu may act as it did previously (open 3rd party lyrics, configurable), the nee button always opens the new lyrics UI.

We can add long press functionality to cover lyrics button as well, though, thanks for the request.

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I would suggest that the "in menu" and "on cover" button would work in the same way, otherwise it will be quite confusing with two buttons that works in different ways and some of the settings is for the new button and some for the old.

IMHO the actions should be:

  • Short tap - Show embedded lyrics / LRC, if not found then open the user preferred lyrics app
  • Long tap - Open up the "Open lyrics page" which would allow the user to select what lyrics to show or which app to launch.
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Personally, I'd suggest single tap should cycle through any available display options (e.g. Off, Full-Screen, Overlay-over-coverart), while long-press pops up a context menu giving a full list of those options plus search/source choices. Basically following the same interface logic as the Repeat, Shuffle and Viz buttons.

Oh, and currently both the new button and selecting 'Lyrics' from the pop-up menu on the player screen do the same thing for me, i.e. both display the new lyrics screen.


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