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New User - S10 / BMW / AVIN / AA / PA - = wow ! TY Team


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HI All ;

Just found this app  , better late than never as they say ;
I am totally blown away by this Powerful app ; I just installed an android unit in my BMW , 
an AVIN 8.8 unit ; [ 2007 328i ] 
& the basic player bluetooth music was not working for me - compared to the cd / FM the BT
output was very low & boring ; I was pretty bummed  - 


I could go on & on , but i think we all know how Badd a^* it is :

& the Viz ! OMG - how many are there ?   ha 

one question tho, they app on my android unit follows my phones protocols eh ?>
all settings from my phone reflect the head unit eh ?

sorry , this is all new to me , ha 

I am waiting on Coolwalk to roll out as well , & then its gonna be real fun ! ha 

oh , can the Headunit in Car do the fancy visualizations as well ?

Thanks again Team , u guys rock ! 

Jammin` In Dallas



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