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Sort Playlist by full path!

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IMO the most natural and obvious sorting of playlists is missing: By full file path (including file name). I have a classical collection on my Android which is perfectly sorted in file system.  I want to put classical works into a "Backlog" queue. There they appear in order of being added. I wish I could sort them like they are sorted in file system.

It could include those:

\Atterberg, Kurt\Symphony No. 03 (Rasilainen - RHDN)\3.01. I. Soldis - Sun Smoke. Lento.m4a
\Atterberg, Kurt\Symphony No. 03 (Rasilainen - RHDN)\3.02. II. Storm. Con fuoco.m4a
\Atterberg, Kurt\Symphony No. 03 (Rasilainen - RHDN)\3.03. III. Sommarnatt - Summer Night. Adagio -.m4a
\Shostakovich, Dmitri\Symphony No. 12 (Haitink - RCO)\1.01. I. Revolutionary Petrograd.m4a
\Shostakovich, Dmitri\Symphony No. 12 (Haitink - RCO)\1.02. II. Razliv.m4a
\Shostakovich, Dmitri\Symphony No. 12 (Haitink - RCO)\1.03. III. Aurora.m4a
\Shostakovich, Dmitri\Symphony No. 12 (Haitink - RCO)\1.04. IV. The dawn of humanity.m4a

Now I may want to sort it. There is no way I can sort by folder structure. Sorting by album makes no sense, many same names ("Symphony No. 3"), breaks the composer order.

Thanks for consideration.

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I agree that sort by path/filename would be much more useful than filename only. However would you wish the re-sort to be based on the current Android filesystem paths, or the original full paths found in the M3U file (which may well be different).


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