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Connect the Fosi Audio T10 amplifier's WiFi


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I needed something to replace an old BIG A$$ 5 disc CD player I've been using for my outside deck area. I saw this little amplifier an decided to give it a shot. The price was very reasonable, and with free returns I though what the heck. It came very quick. I hooked it up in less than 5 minutes, turned it on and I have to say I was impressed. I paired it with my phone, turned up the bass and turned the volume all the way up and went outside for a listen. From my phone I can control the volume and the music. I put on some Stones and cranked it up. WOW! WOW! Small and mighty and powerful enough to make my deck thump. I also was able to hooked up my turntable.  But I recently encountered a problem, how to connect this device to the global Internet via Wi-fi? Is there anyone who has used it who can tell me about it? Thanks.


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