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a simple Pitch Shifter

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Dear Poweramp developers, I am writing this email for a suggestion for your app.

I am a longtime user. I have been using Poweramp happily since I was in high school and now I use it professionally both for studying songs and for storing my music locally.

I wish Poweramp had a knob to adjust the Pitch of a piece I'm listening to, like many other players do, right next to the knob that adjusts the playback speed of the song.

In this case when I'm in the car I could adjust the key to sing the songs with my girlfriend (often with our voice we don't reach the high keys and we can't sing)
And also it would be indispensable for those who work in the professional field, many of my musician friends have not downloaded the PRO version due to this lack, and I'm sorry because I've been wanting to see this feature for years.

Thanks for your great application!
Greetings from Italy


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This is something that gets requested every so often for tasks like 432Hz re-tunin(see the Frequently Requested Features list) and is somewhere in the to-do list for implementing in a future version of Poweramp.

My own suggestion was that the existing Tempo knob be replaced by two separate Pitch and Speed knobs. There would be an optional 'Link' or 'Sync'  button inbetween them which (if enabled) would provide the same functionality as the current Tempo knob - i.e. proportionally decreasing the Pitch value as you increase the Speed, and vice versa.


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