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Request for interface from Windows Media Player to Poweramp

K. Rowe

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I'd like to be able to upload my playlists that are in Windows Media Player to my Pixel 7 phone. Poweramp migrated all my music, but it's just in one huge jumble. One of my playlists has over 400 songs, so you can see why I don't want to have to rebuild the playlist one song after another in the app. My previous Samsung phone had Samsung Music and that interfaced beautifully. 

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Just copy the Playlist files over from your PC to your phone, either in its native WPL format or as more generally compatible M3U files. Place them in a folder location that Poweramp has been given permission to scan - the easiest would be a 'Playlists' folder within your main music folder.

As long as the containing folder and filename structure remains the same on the destination device as it was on your PC when you copied your music library over, Poweramp will be able to resolve and use the playlists.

For a bit more background information, see the Playlists section in:


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