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Changes to crossfader

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I'd like to see the ability adjust the crossfader control to do what I would actually call "crossplay" instead of actually fading the song prematurely in and out. I don't understand why software crossfaders on music apps work the way they do. Think about it... Listening to radio stations and the way DJ's start the next track, you never actually hear the song fade off prematurely. DJ's most always start the next track before the previous track has ended. If a song has an intentional abrupt ending or beginning, I don't want to hear it being faded. It just doesn't sound right. I think there should be a way for the software to calculate the actual end of the track vs. when the DB. level of the song starts to fade out and "crossplay" the next song based on that. That way songs that have abrupt ending don't get the next track starting prematurely before an abrupt ending of a song. That doesn't sound right either.

I can partially do this with the PC software "Winamp" by selecting the time (in seconds) that the new song starts, before the previous track ends. 5sec, 3sec, etc. but actually turning the fader portion of the sofware off. so the songs "crossplay" without prematurely fading.

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