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Cover Art in folder view

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after purchasing full version i had to reinstall Poweramp (license pending issue).

Before this, I had Cover Art for all listed Songs in the folder view (embedded cover), not just for Albums.

Now, after installing latest version I can see only Album-Art for folders, but not anymore for single songs in the list. I tried all settings about album art, but no change.

How can i get this back, to see the embedded Art of each song?

Hope for Help, thanks,


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Hi, I had also just purchased full version and some of the album art is incorret (probably naming in the embedded data) but have downloaded correct art and put into the folder also. Had a song from one of the albums playing a pulled up help for screen and overlaid help for screen said:

"long press to change album art" . if you do long press it brings up select album art screen with option tio pick from SD Card.

Have a go and see if it helps.

It has helped my problem.

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