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Android 12: Entire library appears as unknown artist / unknown album after reboot


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When I want to use Poweramp, I basically need to wait for a full rescan every time I've rebooted my phone, because Poweramp forgets the stored tag information for its entire database.

Sometimes I also encounter a similar problem where every (or almost every) song returns a "Failed to play track".

I'd guess both of these might have to do with delays mounting/reading the SD card, but that's just speculation.

Behavior seems very similar to what's seen on Android 7 on the FiiO M11, strangely enough:

I would blame my hardware, except other media players (like GoneMAD and foobar2000) handle it fine, so I think there must be a solution.

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It could be delays in mounting the SD Card (there are some options for that in PA Settings=>Library=>Scanner - start by turning off all Auto Scan features and see if that helps) or it could be that your device is shutting down after user without allowing apps enough time to clean up and save their status.


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