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CUE files as tracks in Folder Hierarchy

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Is there a way in Folders Hierarchy to show cue files (that point to a single file) just as the tracks they generate instead of virtual folders containing said tracks? My reason for this question is to avoid having folders inside folders when there's nothing else inside except for the cue file and the audio file it points to. Browsing through just Folders listing takes care of this issue, but I see no point in the redundancy while going through the Folders Hierarchy listing. Granted, it's a minor pet peeve.

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A CUE file is designed to create a pseudo-album (or in this case pseudo-folder) containing multiple tracks - it is effectively the entire track list for an LP or CD - so the contents will always appear within an album or subfolder in lists.

If a CUE file only creates a single song from a single audio file (some are created that way) then you can just delete the CUE file, as long as the audio file is properly tagged anyway.


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