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playlist problem, & asking for player controls in stat.bar


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Thanks alot for your great great effort in creating the best music player app for android.

The Problem:

I only have one problem.

when i play songs from folders, i can't add songs to the playlists I made before on regular players (library playlists), they don't list when i tap add to PL.

Is there a way to solve this?

i thought may be i can copy the library playlists i created before, in the folder that the Poweramp saves its folder playlists.

can you help me where can i find the folder containing library playlist files?

And where does Poweramp save its playlist files for folders?

Requested Feature:

Is it possible to have the player control buttons in notifications when u pull the bar down? like the Galaxy S player.I saw in one of threads you said that Galaxy S is one of your testing phones,but no one mentioned that feature, and i didn't see it in any of the upcoming features, though i think it's a very usefull one.

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Thanks for the feedback/report.

Folders playlist are separate because:

- folders can contain many unknown to system library formats (i.e. flac, ape, wv, etc)

- folders are managed by PowerAMP scanner and they are in PowerAMP own db, while system library is managed by android system

This will change in PowerAMP v2.0 with the new custom Library backed by PowerAMP completely.

As for SGS player controls in status bar - generally it's not possible for Android (it doesn't allow to get the info about the pressed button in status bar), but for SGS I think there can be a specific solution, but only for SGS and other TouchWiz phones. It can be impossible as well - I have spent some limited time on investigation.

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Thanks alot, very useful infos

what about using hardware buttons like volume up/down and camera shatter as player controls while the screen is off? the things only saw in MODs like Cyanogen ROMs and UD MODs.although i saw using camera button as play/pause button in bTunes player

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