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Changable artwork with customized locations


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Hey. First of all this is great application. So great job!

Secondly, some people who use foobar with certain artwork plugins, know of that feature. This is so that artwork changes with random(or fixed depended on the setting) time intervals, and changes either in linear or random way.

Is it possible you couldmake this feature, so that the artwork of the song changes? Currently there is one image that is "assigned" to the song or the album and that's it. But for those (like me ;)) who did spend their time on doing image collections for the albums to shuffle through artwork constantly this would be a great feature.

For it to work though, you would also add a configurable folder sellection. To be more precise, it would be very bad idea, to have say 20 different images in the same folder as the sound files. It wouldn't look good, it wouldb't be also good idea from organising stand of point. What I have for instance, is in the album folder, I have a folder named ArtWork, and inside it I have only the images, that are displayed in random order, when the songs from that album are played. However it can be any name of the folder, or even folders if you wish. It's all customizable, again.

Anyways, any chance you guys might think of that and implement it in some future versions?



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