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Customizable double/triple tap on Bluetooth headsets


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Right now double tap goes to next song and triple tap goes to previous song. This is great and almost no other player supports so many gestures this close to iPod Shuffle's rich headset commands.

But what is needed is more customization to allow users to assign different commands on double, trippe, may be even four and five tap in succession, or tap and hold, or tap several times and then hold, etc.

Possible other commands that would be useful are:

* Speak Song's Name - Artist/Album (with awesome Natural voice synthetizers for Android, this is way better experience than iPod Shuffle).

* Goto Next Album/Next Artist - for people using sorting and listening to full album or full artist.

* Next/Previous Playlist - with playlist name spoken. I rotate between two playlists - one for gym and one for work - and I hate the manual work involved

* (in v.2.0) Rate song as (1-5)/5 - automatically give a rating to a song. This is a life saver for me, because I listen to new songs and love a song, I want to quickly rate it so it goes to proper playlist in WinAmp or iTunes when I sync back. If I can do that from the bluetooth device rather than from the UI I can rate songs with my phone in my pocket anywhere - incredibly useful!

...and more, of course, but those are I am very interested in!

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Thanks for the request.

Customization for hardware button bindings including headset buttons is in my deferred features list - it can see the light as minor update after the v2.0 release.

Nice idea for speaking the song name - thanks - though it will probably work reliable only on mid-to-high end phones.

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