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Move milk presets folder out of android/data


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I think the title speaks for itself, it would be a good idea to move the milk presets folder out of the android folder, or even make it user configurable so we could actually choose it from which folder the milk presets should be loaded, making it a whole lot easier than the other way around, which is to plug your phone into a pc, add/edit milk files inside the folder then place it back to android/data, which is just simply pointless and inconvenient, since we can open .milk files with a text editor and edit it on the phone, so there's absolutely no reason to do this on a pc. Google just keeps messing with the android folder in order to restrict access to the directory, I used Solid Explorer to do these things, with the android 13 update, google messed it up. Now FV File Explorer came up with a solution, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't take too long until google breaks things again, and we will, again, have to use pc for those simple tasks, which is just annoying. It shouldn't be so hard to make the milk presets load from any other folder than android/data.

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