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Artist Case is not Respected

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When I play any local song by the "Rolling Stones", it is displayed as "rolling stones", all lowercase. All other artists are displayed correctly. See images below.




build-945-bundle-play [945004-2d535bbf] Full Version 64 bit

Samsung S8, Android version 12, One UI version 4.1

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@DaveR Good morning. Sorry about the issue, this is happening because there are some or a particular music file that has that name written in lower case, and Poweramp is treating every other name that matches the character as same, even the ones with upper-case, and this is stored in Poweramp database. 

There are two ways to resolve this, but I will give you easier one. 

Use a tag editor (Auto Tagger) and search for the 'rolling stones', in the artist field, rename the rolling stones to rolling stones2, then scan your library, make sure there is no more rolling stones, all changed to rolling stones2.

After that, go back to the tag editor and search for rolling stones2, and edit the rolling stones2 to how you want it to appear in your library, rescan library and you are done. Congratulations. 


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As @Bencherished has said, Poweramp only stores one variant of an Artist's name in its music database, and any future instances of that artist found in other cases are associated back to that original saved entry. Otherwise you might have (for example) three separate entries in your 'Artists' category for "Huey Lewis and the News", "Huey Lewis And The News" and "Huey Lewis and The News".

The downside of this is that if the first version of a band name which Poweramp encounters was tagged in some weird case that you don't want, that unwanted variant will be used for all future instances of that artist.

The fix is to remove all instances of song files by the Rolling Stones from your music collection (so the Artist name no longer exists in the music database at all), correct any lowercase tags by editing the faulty files, then restore the songs back again which will create a brand new Artist entry for the band.

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Move all of the Rolling Stones song files to some other folder that PA cannot scan - or just delete all the Rolling Stones folders from your phone if you have backups elsewhere - and do a FULL Rescan (in Settings=>Library) to clean the database.
  2. Edit the tags in the music files so the case of the band name in each file is consistent. Personally I prefer to use a batch editor on a computer (such as TagScanner or MP3Tag) where such a task takes just a few seconds. However you can also do it using an app on your phone, or even song-by-song within Poweramp using Info/Tags=>Edit before you move the files.
  3. Put the corrected files back into their desired music folder(s) on your phone and let PA scan them all back in again. This time the first encountered name will be correct, and the same as all the others as per your edits.


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