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"Albums" not recreated on full rescan


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I re-tagged a couple of albums on my PC to correct the capitalization of the album titles, as an example U2's "Songs Of Experience" was re-tagged as "Songs of Experience" and all tracks synchronized to my phone. I would have expected Poweramp to create a new "of" album and drop the "Of" as there are no tracks left in it. Obviously the album title isn't case sensitive as this didn't happen.

Next I run a full re-scan expecting that the "album" would be deleted and created as a new album but to no avail.

The following steps resolved the issues:

  • Moved the album folder out of the music file hierarchy
  • Full Rescan (Not sure if this step is required)
  • Moved the album folder back into the music file hierarchy

The problem is that the album name in Poweramp wasn't updated with the correct capitalization until the tracks where removed and added back to the library.

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Yes, that could happen due to caching of the original name. I believe PA uses a consistent case-variant (presumably the first one it found?) for displaying Album and Artist names, rather than displaying each item in a list with different case characteristics.

Forcing it to remove the cached entries completely should fix it though, as otherwise they can be kept cached even during a Full Rescan so ratings/etc can persist. I seem to recall seeing this mentioned before, but I can't find the old thread now.


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It's a darn cold day somewhere... something that's sort of handled better in the iTunes world...

This makes somehow some sense, but on the other hand not...

I spent some more quality time on this topic, it's enough to:

  • Tweak the tags on the PC
  • Remove the files on the phone
  • Copy the updated files to the phone

Luckily it's on just one of my devices that I care about cosmetics, would be a real pain to do this on all three devices that I use at the moment.

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