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How do I increase gain more than 15dB in parametric Equalizer?


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+/- 15 dB is the maximum adjustment in the parametric EQ. Same now with the regular graphic EQ, which used to be 12dB.

To be honest, if you really need more than that in the midrange bands you have some seriously wonky headphones. :) The graphic equivalent for the same headphones maxes out with a +5.9dB adjustment, so why the parametric version wants -20dB and +19.8 in adjacent frequency ranges seems a little odd.


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7 hours ago, Chaitanya said:

I am trying to copy this parametric EQ which requires setting gain over 15dB.

A +10dB boost is 10x, +15dB is over 31x, +18dB is over 63x. Especially with a parametric EQ, anything over 10dB would such there is a significant problem already. The +15dB boost already there is probably introducing more problems than it fixes. I don’t think a +18dB option is consistent with the Poweramp design plan around premium sound.

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