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We need more than 25 "Unsplit Artists" tags


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I have a large collection and I just hit that 25 limit. I use "&" and lot, because many band names use it officially ("Seals & Croft" - "Crosby, Stills & Nash" - "Earth, Wind & Fire") while others officially use "and" in their name ("Bruce Hornsby and The Range" - "Glen Miller and His Orchestra").

However, "&" is also the preferred method to split collaborative artists, such as "Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson". So, yeah I just hit that 25 limit to tagging artist names to unsplit. This should maybe be upped to 50.

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What other separators are you using? There really is only need for one in most libraries, as it should be a consistent character. The original accepted standards have been to use either a semicolon “;” or slash “/“ but it depends on what your players are capable of.

if you use the “&” character with your examples, you would have the following;


Crosby, Stills

Earth, Wind


Michael Jackson


Paul McCartney


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Agreed, if you need more than 25 exceptions then you have probably chosen the wrong symbols(s) to be used as separators. I would definitely avoid using ampersand or comma as there are far too many legitimate band names that include those characters.

I use semicolon almost exclusively, but I also allow for recently introduced terms in newer music such as "feat.", "ft." and "w/". For what it's worth, my separators list is:



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If they increase to 50, at some point your library will pass that also.

It's better to just separate with a regular keyboard & and then use a Unicode & as one you don't want to separate. The Unicode & looks identical in your library and won't get confused with the regular one when Poweramp splits because it's a different character.


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