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Few questions


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Hello everyone,

I have had this program on my Thunderbolt for a while now, I love it. However I have a few questions that I was hoping could be answered here.

1)CUE files are not listed separately, they are one song that runs on and on.

2)How do I get all my unknown songs to be recognized, do I have to edit them manually??

3)The volume is not consistent, some songs are louder, while other are softer. I have FLAC, CUE, and MP3 all at various bitrates, does this matter?? Some songs I have to have the volume maxed out while others I can listen to at a much lower setting.

4)Twice in the past 3 months I have lost all my music and have had to manually scan the folders again, and my playlists need to be re-created

Thanks in advance, its a wonderful app to have on my phone, my 32 gig iPod is nothing but a paperweight now.

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