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Incomplete Folder Hierarchy in Ford Sync 3 Android Auto


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18 minutes ago, jthrv said:

The Folder Hierarchy is fine on two phones, but on the Ford Sync 3 Android Auto screen, it only goes through the letter O.   Any suggestions ?

This is due to the limitations for Anrdroid Auto, and how far it will allow you to scroll through selection under each heading. This is to keep your eyes on the road. If you are stopped, this should allow you to see the full list (depending on the car radio and phone).

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In my case....

Album Artist on the vehicle screen is fine, Folder Hierarchy is not; they are about the same thing. I have 2 music main directories, Classical (500 folders) and Pop (1000 folders), flac, which I bought over 40 years.  I don't want to be looking through Classical when I want to play Pop.  So I use the Folder Hierarchy, nothing else.  The vehicles built in music player does not have a problem, it shows all of the music folder hierarchy.

Poweramp's Android Auto listings have a A-Z icon which brings up a A-Z keyboard.  When H is pressed, it jumps to the folders starting with H.  It is so so much better than scrolling.  I do not change music when driving, I stop often enough, it is easy to avoid.

I tried resetting the vehicles Sync 3, the problem persists.


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As I mentioned earlier, there is a hard limit in the Android Auto interface. Max mentioned a while ago that PA can now send up to 800 items, but on my own device (Samsung) it topped out at exactly 400. So for example if I view my 'Singles' folder, which has over 1,000 songs in it, I don't see beyond about half way. The exact amount available does seem to vary a little by Category though.


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