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Bluetooth - Display title number


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the following annoying problem with the new Pixel 7 (My previous smartphone was the Samsung S8 - And everything worked here):

Probably the problem doesn't have anything to do with Poweramp - maybe? - I still hope that hopefully someone can help here.

I connect via Bluetooth to my car (BMW - unfortunately already 5 years old) to listen to music via MP3. Playing and the connection work great.

However, the maximum number of the album is not displayed on the BMW display - but only 1/1.
Strangely enough, however, the correct number of titles are displayed in the "first millisecond"! Shortly afterwards, title 1/1 is displayed.
Thus, the Pixel 7 can "transmit" the correct number of album titles - for whatever reason only very briefly.

No matter how many songs an album has - it is always shown 1/1 - except very shortly after connecting. I don't care - but BMW offers the opportunity to scroll through the album on the steering wheel, so that you can choose another song - or that you can jump forward/back - or jump to the next/previous album . Unfortunately, this is no longer possible.

I have already tried different music apps - unfortunately not a success.

I also played around with various options in the developer options - unfortunately not so far.

My BMW has installed the latest software - the latest several years ago - unfortunately there is no newer one

What could this be due to? Do you have a tip on what that could be?
I would be very happy about help or update.

Many Thanks

Many greetings
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Bluetooth is always difficult to troubleshoot as there are so many components to the process. The player software, the Bluetooth stack and version implemented by the particular device manufacture, the connection type established, and what happens in the output unit. 

You could try adjusting some of the Bluetooth options in your phone's Android Developer Options (e.g. the AVRCP mode in use) but it might turn out to be just be one of those things I'm afraid.

I assume you headunit only has a small text-based display; if it has a full screen panel, perhaps it also supports Android Auto which generally works much more reliably?


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