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Qobuz streaming


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Regarding the last item on your list: 

  • Access to commercial streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc).   <-- Note: unlikely to happen due to licensing restrictions

Have you checked if it's possible to get access to Qobuz? Just asking since I know apps like "Audirvana" has this option, and they are a smaller company so they might be more on-board with things like this. Just asking 🙂

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Following https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/18925-good-news-from-spotify/#comment-114375

Qobuz allow usage of their api on third party player especially if the player enable dac support, there is 'mconnectLite'/'mconnect' player that have it (without dac support just as a simple player), also 'USB Audio Player PRO' and several other players that are meant for some AV and specific devices...

As you already implemented something to handle such stream why not make that public and add support for qobuz streams ?


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