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Short Audio Focus issue


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Not sure if this is a known bug, but I'm having an issue with Short Audio Focus.  When PA is playing through a speaker or headphones (Bluetooth), and a message notification comes through, the music pauses and the notification is heard through the speaker or headphones, but the music blasts out of the phone speaker for the duration of the notification.  This doesn't happen with other media players, but seems to have been an issue since Android 12.  I've tried different settings, and resetting to default, but changing the Audio Short Focus setting doesn't seem to do anything.




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Check this option: Settings>Audio>Advanced Tweaks>Force Speaker Off (for Hi-Res Output)

Poweramp in Hi-Res mode may be overriding some of your phone's sound options that are tuned by the manufacturer.

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That setting was on, so I toggled it off and the issue is the same.  

Just to clarify, it's playing through the Bluetooth device fine, but when a notification comes through, the music PA is playing switches to the phone speaker for the duration of the Notification sound, so, like, one or two seconds.  

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I've just found one way around it:

Settings > Audio > Output > OpenSL ES Output > Bluetooth (Settings cog) > No Duck

That stops the music temporarily coming through the phone speaker, but it completely cuts out what's playing on PA rather than just ducking the sound.


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