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Importing metadata (date added, date played, playcount, etc) from iTunes library (PC/Mac) to Poweramp

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It's not something that Poweramp is ever likely to offer, as PA gets most of its metadata from file-embedded tags. Reading/writing standard POPM / RATING tags from files is something that might be added at some point though.

Perhaps a third-party app like Music Playlist Manager might be able to do something? But is Apple's database format open-source, or does it provide API access (like Poweramp) though? Forcing information out of Apple-designed systems and file formats can be like getting blood from a stone unless they offer an export option.


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16 hours ago, miniblock said:

Hi, I have a 10 year old music library in itunes, which includes historical playcounts, date added info, etc.

I hope there's a way to import that metadata to Poweramp's db.


This iTunes data is not stored in the metadata of the tracks, it is only part of the iTunes library file. There is nothing Poweramp or any other player or manager can do to read this info.

You can create playlists in Smart Playlists in iTunes using some of this info, then export them into standard playlists that other programs can use.

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