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When I use Poweramp  Library: Albums - Artists - Genres - Composers - Playlists - I have the alphabetically index on the right side of the phone screen.

This is a little inconvenient, because I also dock a side panil on the RH side, and this obscures some of the letters of the alphabet, which makes it harder, say, to home in on all the composers whose surnames begin with 'S'?

I suppose I could dock the side panel to the left, but I just wondered whether, in all of Poweramp's many settings, this is the option for all such indices to be moved to the left-hand side of the screen>


Thank you!

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You can turn the edge A-Z bar off completely with Settings=>Library=>Lists=>A-Z Scroll. It's only available in lists that are alphabetically sorted anyway, so for example wouldn't ever be shown in Playlists of the Queue or if you have a list sorted by date, rating, or track number.


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