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Re-Sort changes not be permanent

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It would be great if the re-sorting option of playlist didn't permanently change the order of the tracks. Sometimes I would like to go back and forth between my custom order and title order. Thanks.

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What if you added the contents of your playlist to the Queue (cleared in advance), then re-sorted the contents of just the Queue. This should leave your playlists as-is.

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@MotleyG 's suggestion is a good idea. The Re-sort feature is specifically designed to permanently change the order of the items in the physical playlist, so there's no way to reverse it as the original file data has been overwritten. You can Re-sort it again later of course, but that will only result in the list being arranged as per one of the available ordering schemes, it won't restore the original custom-created order. If you just want to pick the songs from a playlist randomly though, the Shuffle playback mode will do that without affecting the original content. Otherwise, as MotleyG says, use the temporary Queue which can be re-sorted without affecting the source content.


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