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Poweramp and Chromecast not working

The Lost Boy

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Hi all,

Samsung S20 FE 5G, Android 12, One UI 4.1

Poweramp build-945-bundle-play [945004-2d535bbf] Full Version 64 bit


Since the latest Poweramp update (build 945) the app is not able to cast via Google Chromecast to my TV while other players like VLC and BlackPlayer work fine.

I open the player, try to cast and there's no sound, no album art and the cursor is stuck.

I'm on the paid version, both Poweramp and Unlocker are set to non-restricted battery usage, WiFi is at 2.4, clicked on Restored to Default for every audio setting within the Poweramp app, I have reinstalled both, cleared cache, reinstalled also Google Home and Assistant to not avail.

I have tried WiFi 5.8, same results. Some friends tried to cast with other phones and it works fine except for Poweramp!!!

Problem is with Poweramp as I have mentioned, other apps are working fine.

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