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Very low and uncatchy sound with dvc on Bluetooth only


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this problem is only on a specific Bluetooth  device

hi there i have been using Poweramp for over a year with dvc enabled and i heard that this improves sound and increases Poweramp control over audio hardware but i have a problem with this specific Bluetooth speaker (jbl flip 4 ) where sound gets very weird as soon as i enable dvc  how wierd?

1-sound gets drastically low and I'm not talking about a small change 20 % with absolute volume sounds louder than 62% with dvc how come?

2-the sound quality itself is wierd and the bass release is very short than usual like its as if the speaker is underwater with that bass

3-the highs are a little distorted and unnatural , mids and highs in general  are very flat with dvc enabled 



So yeah dvc seems to be causing alot of audio problems with my jbl flip 4 however it sounds completely normal on my samsung buds pro which is also a Bluetooth iem by the way



My settings:

1-equalizer is disabled 

2-preamp is at 0 db 

No external sound effects are enabled

3-i disabled  absolute volume from android developer settings  as it was said that it should solve the low volume problem but thats not the case

So what is happening here with this specific device?

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