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"Lock UI" feature


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Like some other apps, PA can benefit from a manual UI lock feature. I'd say basically it's available to apps where you want to see current information, but not operate it all times (eg map apps). PA: yes, here we want to see current track info etc.

It serves as a prevention of accidental operation. PA, since it also resides on lock screen, there's plenty of opportunity to accidentally miscontrol it. Personally, I have some construction to have the smartphone stand upright, but when I carry it, the unprotected screen is prone to accidentally touch it.

I guess what's basically is appreciated is a lock that prevents any change in current playback. Skipping, prev, next... 

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At least using the option List Item Click Action set to Enqueue and stay in the list prevents from interrupting playback while browsing the library, but I still miss an option to deactivate swipe gestures in the player screen and the mini player and an option to make the seekbars unresponsive to scrolling.


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