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Add Music to Playlist FROM Playlist

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Hi all, 

One feature Poweramp could do with is a button to add music into a playlist from that playlist. I've gone through about 9 different apps and can only find Blackplayer and Spotify that offer this feature.

Makes playlist management a lot easier and requires a lot less screen tapping if said button took you to a search screen where you could just select the tracks and albums you want to add into the playlist.

Blackplayer view below

Blackplayer Inside Playlist View



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Hmm, not sure how that would help particularly.

As you propose, you'd first need to navigate your way into the Library>Playlists category and open the specific playlist you want to work with. Then you'd tap (menu)=>'Add songs to this list'. Then you'd use the existing search system and select all the items you want from the results. Then finally tap a button to say you've finished and to add those songs into the current list.

The current method is to simply tap the Search icon from anywhere in the app (so no need to specifically navigate to a list, nor use any menu functions), then do all the exact same searching and selecting operations as mentioned above, and once finished just tap the '+Playlist' icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the name of playlist you want to add to. Actually seems like less taps that your suggestion to me.

I can't see it being a technically difficult feature to add though, I'm just not sure how much it world help.



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@andrewilley correct me if i'm wrong, I've just tested it to be sure. But if you search or go into album view and then go into that album to select tracks you have to add them into the playlist right away before exiting the album or performing another search. Every couple of tracks you need to hit the kebab menu and add to playlist (Also need to select which playlist). And if you add the wrong song you need to go to the playlist and remove it.

it works on Blackplayer that once you are in the playlists "search" mode you type in what you want to find, tap the track and in it goes, no need to navigate to a menu and select "add to playlist". Press the wrong track and the highlight over it disappears (no longer in playlist).

It makes playlist creation and management much more purposeful and a lot more enjoyable to build.

Got burnt by BP deleting my playlists one to many times and don't want to risk building them up all over again, but seems to be the only app that gives you both options.

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