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Xiaomi cloned applications


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is it possible to add Poweramp to the cloned applications on the Xiaomi phone? I have songs added to the queue but sometimes I would like to listen to some selected songs without removing the queue. If I did, I would remove the queue and by running Poweramp in cloned applications I could do it. I bought Poweramp from the website, not from Google Play, and after adding the application to the cloned applications, there is a problem with the license file because the application cannot find the license file. If I bought from GooglePlay, I could probably do it without any problems.


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@Fitzian Let's forget about the cloning because we already know the answer to that issue.

If you want to play same songs without removing the queue, just select the songs you want to play and hit play next, make sure you deactivate (never clear on add) in Poweramp settings - Library - Queue. Or select those songs, create a Playlist for it, when you are done, delete the Playlist, or do the opposite. 


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The problem here is that the Queue is already the method which should be used to listen to a few selected songs outside of your normal playback sequence. There isn't another temporary queue to interrupts the main temporary queue.

So for general listening which you may want to exit and return to, if Albums/Folders/etc are not suitable I'd suggest using '+Playlist' rather than '>>Queue'. Then you can play that playlist for as long as you want (using the List Options=>List Memory facility so you can always return to it later, even after lots of other listening sessions) and only use the Queue as it is intended as a brief interruption to your normal playback - which in this case would be the playlist.



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