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Play Once setting for musicians and theatre use

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Many musicians and/or theatre sound engineers need an audio player that has a setting of "Play Once" (or sometimes called "Play Pause" or whatever).

For musicians, this feature is used to hit Play on a given "backing track" and then the musician does NOT have to frantically hit Stop when the song finishes. Rather, when the song finishes, the play simply stops and waits for the musician to select another song and hit Play.

For theatre engineers, it's more for queuing up sound effects and when you play one, the player STOPS and waits for the theatre engineer to select another sound effect and hit Play.

The concept is quite simple. When viewing a list of songs in Playlist mode or folder mode or whatever, when the musician hits Play, the player goes through the song and when it reaches the end, the player completely STOPS and is basically waiting for the user to do something (such as select another song, etc.).

Creative Labs has had this feature on their .mp3 players for years.

Musicians would love this feature, and, when combined with all the other wonderful things I have seen within Poweramp (replay gain, treble/bass, EQ, etc.), I think you'd have an instant hit with musicians who use "tracks" for live performance.

Thanks for listening and I wish you the best in 2012!


Kevin B. Selby

http://kevinselby.com <-- Peaceful Music

http://facebook.com/BajaDunes <-- Live Performance

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Just to bump this request back to the top of the list. I'm a magician and I'm specifically looking for the ability to have the player pause after the current track finishes AND the ability to fade to a pause when the forward button is pressed. I'm frequently using music when selecting an audience member to assist and I don't know how long the music needs to run. I need it to fade smoothly to a pause if needed AND the ability for the song to just stop at the end for my set routines.

My wife has it on her iPod Touch (PlayMyQ-HD) and that's what I'm using right now... but Poweramp is a lot more robust and I'd like to use it with my Samsung Galaxy Player instead.

It would seem to be a fairly easy option to implement.

Pause after current track... whether the track ends on it's own (or) if the forward button is pressed.

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