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Enable Bluetooth device preset only if Media (A2DP) is connected

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Hey there!


Happy user of both Poweramp and Poweramp Equalizer for quite a few years now, though I have noticed an issue that I'd like to solve if possible.


When I set a preset for a Bluetooth device (a Windows laptop in particular in this case), I'm able to take calls from the computer using Bluetooth whenever the device is in range. However, I only use the equalizer when connecting with an app called Bluetooth Audio Receiver from the Microsoft Store, which uses the A2DP Sink stack published here.


A side effect of this configuration is that whenever the computer is turned on, on range and unlocked, the phone switches to the Bluetooth preset even if no media is actually intended to be played through the computer at the moment, making the onboard speaker profile disabled and changing the perceived audio quality for the worse.


I am able to manually switch back to the correct profile and have everything work as intended (as long as I don't move and relock the computer), but it certainly would be helpful if I wasn't required to do so whenever I'm listening to something on the phone.


I'd like to ask if it would be possible to set the trigger mechanism for the Bluetooth profile to the A2DP (or equivalent) stack instead of the Bluetooth connection itself per-se, but in the meantime I'm open to comments and suggestions if what I ask is somehow unreasonable.


Thanks for the help!

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