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Delete queue contents on start PA

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Hi guys,

am I maybe overlooking something? Otherwise I'd ask for an option to delete the temporary queues contents at the start of PA. I mean, it should be rather treated like a temporary affair... 

Usually I do not listen until queues end. So next time I use PA I am always confused, because it returns into the queue, which I then manually have to clear.


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Good morning, I think I get what you mean, but I also think this will also cause a lot of issues. 

At what point does Poweramp start? When no song is playing or when it has not been open for a while? 

Yes it's true, at times we don't feel some songs, and if they happen to be in Queue, just clear them, because having Poweramp clearing queue whenever you open will be annoying, especially if that is not what you want. 

My opinion, add only few songs to cue, enable Clear on add on Queue option in Poweramp settings. 


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I agree that defining 'start' would be the issue here. When you close the user interface, PA sits idle waiting ready to continue playback exactly where you left off - which in the case of enqueued tracks, would still be in the Queue. You can go in and out of the interface at will without it really being the "start" of a new session.

The quickest way to exit the Queue is to tap the '>>>' or '<<<' buttons, which will change from the Queue category to regular playback (wherever you last left off) and isn't too much of a hassle. The Queue's contents will remain available should you want to return to them later via the Library categories list.


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That's my issue here. While this Queue, other than user curated playlists, should be rather temporary to not be a regular playlist, it notoriously isn't.

Another possible option I was thinking about is that it could clear queue if a track outside of the queue context is played. Maybe n seconds, because adding tracks to queue may be error prone. 

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