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Shuffle shuffes always the same sequence


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Love the app but the shuffle is annoying and defective.

I have 500Gb card with music, when I shuffle the entire playlist (all music playlist) it shuffles always in the same sequence.

So my "parties" have the same music in the same sequence always.


Can you guys fix it?


Can shuffle actually shuffle every time in a different manner?

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Assuming you haven't accidentally enabled PA Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>No Reshuffle, could you elaborate on how you are starting your new shuffled sequences? Anything that alters the Shuffle mode should force a reshuffle. That would include going into the 'All Songs' Library category and tapping on the Shuffle icon at the top of the list, or tapping the Shuffle icon on the player screen so that it shows as 'Shuffle All Songs'.


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After several months of procrastination, I came to the forums to reiterate what the OP has said that Shuffle is broken.

I do not have No Reshuffle enabled.  I do see the Shuffle Randomization bar and will play with that a bit.

I've been out in the yard with ear buds in working on weekends listening to many hours of music.  The same exact shuffle sequence of songs keeps coming up over and over again a day later.  I am playing out of a Queued playlist currently with 1905 songs.  This morning I went into the queue and specifically picked a song.  After it finished, the next 6 songs were in the same sequence from a day or two ago.  This is extremely annoying.  I would be fine with picking a fully random setting (of the queue, not all 8000 songs on my phone), but there is no such option.

My play options are Repeat Off and Shuffle Songs.  Do I need to empty the Queue and restart it every few days?

Pixel 5a running 13.

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By default (I think that's the default anyway) the Queue is the one category that doesn't follow Shuffle settings, it always plays song in the order you added them (or have resorted them). If this is the case, you can override that by turning off Settings=>Library=>Queue=>Ignore Shuffle.

Once you do have shuffling enabled for the Queue, you can always skip backwards and forwards through the song sequence without triggering a reshuffle, so you can re-listen to previously heard songs in the order you heard them. So for example if you go back and choose a song from earlier in the random order - either by using the player screen '<<' button or by selecting a song again manually - it will still be in the same relative position in the shuffle order.

To reshuffle, rather than moving forward and backward through the current list, simply tap the Shuffle icon at the top of the Queue category view to generate a whole new sequence.


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Queue does not play in sequential order (with Shuffle All Songs on), it now plays pseudo-randomly aside from the issue we are discussing.

I currently have Ignore Shuffle off in the Queue settings, which was at one point must have been the default because I've never altered any of these settings. I have been using Poweramp for many many years and this is only somewhat recently changed undesired behavior.  I'm not sure why just a straight up random-or-shuffle Queue play is no longer available.

"simply tap the Shuffle icon at the top of the Queue category "  I will give that a try going forward.  I also see that doing so changes my active play settings from Shuffle Songs to Shuffle Songs/Categories.  Although that is kind of dangerous (while driving) changing just a swipe into several targeted taps.

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