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Completely Disable Bluetooth Audio Output


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Does anyone know if there's a way to disable BT as an audio out option for all Codecs?

I'm running with the "Hi-Res/Wired Connection" via a 2.5mm(Aux) cable from my Samsung S2 tablet to a Dayton Audio DSP-408.
When I connect Bluetooth from my S2 to the DSP-408, Poweramp switches the Audio Out to BT.
I've tried to turn off BT for all codecs but Poweramp switches it right back on for the active codec.
I can turn it off when BT isn't connected, but as soon as it connects Poweramp switches it back on again.

I need to be able to connect to my DSP via BT to control the DSP, but don't want Poweramp to stream audio to it via BT.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be very greatful. I love Poweramp and have used it for a decade, would hate to have to move away from it over something so stupid.

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