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Restore Equalizer Song Assignments


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Is there a way to open and edit the Poweramp backup file?

When opening the simcard tray of my Samsung S20+ without unmounting the SD card in the software, the SD card unexpectedly gets removed.
I assume that this regenerates the mounted SD-card ID, which changes the path to all my songs stored on said SD card. Therefore all equalizer settings assigned to songs lose their song assignment.
As I have over 800 equalizer settings specifically customized for each song, re-assigning them manually is basically impossible.

This is why I want to search and replace the old SD-card ID with the new one inside the Poweramp backup file.

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Hi Andre, thank you for your fast reply.

Is there another way? The older Poweramp versions did not struggle with restoration of song assignments. I really don't want to lose all the effort I have put into the equalizer settings.. Especially since this will probably be a problem when switching phones as well.

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