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No album art after returning from sleep - Android car head unit


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The head unit is a Joying JY-UQ128N4G running their latest firmware (Android 12 - 2022-8-15). Poweramp version is "build-939-bundle-play" (Full Version - 64-bit). FLAC files stored on a USB flash drive.

Poweramp is installed on my Joying head unit. I'll play music with album art and meta info displaying without issue. When I turn off my car (Joying goes into sleep mode) and later return to it, it typically behaves in one of two ways:

  1. Album art is missing, but meta info (artist, album, track) is displaying. Swiping down to access library or left/right to change tracks typically does not work. Workaround: Click on the library button in the navbar, then click on the now playing bar to return to the main interface. Album art displays again and I can swipe to interact as expected.
  2. Album art is missing, but meta info (artist, album, track) is displaying. Swiping down to access library works, but going back does not fix anything. Swiping left/right shows album art for the next/previous track, but not current. After skipping around a few tracks and going back to the original, it will display the artwork again.

Side note: It also typically loses track of the position of the currently playing track. I suspect this is all tied in to the same underlying cause, but may as well focus on one thing at a time.

I've done the following in attempt to fix the problem:

  • In the Library section I turned off all automatic scans after plugging in new device. My logic was that returning from sleep mode was seeing the USB drive re-attached and potentially re-scanning causing a delay in reading the info. These changes did not help.
  • Turned on the option to wait for USB storage before resume playing. Did not see any change in behavior either way.

My best guess is that Poweramp was not designed with a head unit in mind or having the tablet/device go into sleep mode that it has to recover from. Part of sleep mode is that the USB drive gets detached, and this may be part/all of the problem. I wonder if Poweramp kept track of what specific track was playing and where it was in the track and cached all the info (album art, meta info) when sleep mode was triggered, it could easily recover. As a side note, more often than not I'm finding that regardless of where I am in the current track, it typically either puts playback at 0:00 in the current track, or starts with the very next track in the list.

Let me know if there is any logging information I can provide to help support these claims or assist in troubleshooting.


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