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Poweramp eq appreciation topic

Paul Hiemstra

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I just wanted to make this topic to praise Poweramp eq. I recently got into the hifi headphone game, and especially play around a lot with eq. For PC I use EquilizerAPO and Peace, but for my phone I could not find an app that does this all, even Wavelet did not come close. 

Poweramp does it all, I particularly like the parametric eq as it gives me full control. For example setting up auto eq profiles is easy as you can simply copy the parametric eq settings. In addition I really like being able to automatically apply presets to certain devices. So I set an empty profile for my Bluetooth headphone as the Sony app provides eq already. But when streaming to my DX3 pro+ I set the appropriate profile for my Sundara. 

Just a great app for a great price, thank you! 

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